Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Follower of Jesus, wonderful mother, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin and wife.  I just read a blog about how our kids want us. They want us right where we are and exactly who we are. It got me thinking about my own mommy and how lucky I am to have her.  I tell my kids if I could line up ALL the boys and girls in the whole world I would pick you to be my kids. And I feel the very same way about my mom. My mom is the perfect mom for me. She listens, encourages, and corrects me. She laughs, cries and shares with me. I am do thankful for a mom that I can call anytime of the day or night and she will answer to phone and take time to talk to me. I can ask her any question and she will thoughtfully answer. Just the other night I called her around 9pm and our call went a little like this  " Hi mom hows it going? what do you believe about hell?" ha she of course was completely caught off guard and unprepared to answer such a crazy question but we ended up having a great conversation about it. Other times are conversations are much lighter. From what to wear, how to make gravy and of course kid and husband questions.  I value my moms opinion so much. I am so thankful that's have a mom that loves Jesus more than anything and let me tell you she knows her bible well!! I am so fortunate to have been raised by parents who love each other and made a wonderful home for us. We got to go on fun vacations as a family and do all kinds of neat things together, but most of all my parents taught us and are teaching us to love the Lord. To serve God. And to put Him first in the good times and bad. What a tremendous gift!!!  Today is my moms birthday. Mommy I wish you the happiest birthday! Thank you for all you do for our family. I can't say it enough, you're the best and I couldn't ask for more. :)


  1. Such kind and caring comments for a loving mother!! You are truly a special daughter to her. Everything you said is true!! Love & hugs, Judy

  2. You are making me cry! I miss you all so much. She is a wonderful woman. =) Even when she found creative ways to make us go to school. Hee hee. Love you!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sue! You're right Nicole, she is a great mom. And I love her too :)